Juliet I. Spitzer, MSEd.

Spiritual Director. Educator. Facilitator. Musician.

Juliet Spitzer

My life and practice transcend traditional categories. I studied at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College (Reconstructing Judaism) and trained in Spiritual Direction at Hebrew Union College/Jewish Institute of Religion. My life is enriched by my connections to seemingly disparate communities, and relationships with people holding varied perspectives.

Spiritual Direction deepens my life experience, and I am currently expanding my practice to welcome new directees/clients. If you are interested or curious about Spiritual Direction, it is my pleasure to discuss it further with you. You can read more about it here.

I am an international award-winning songwriter and served as a synagogue Cantorial Soloist for 19 years. I continue to sing with the a cappella trio, MIRAJ and the feminist vocal ensemble SheWho.  My musical path is evolving to include skills honed from the Hebrew Chant Training Program, Kol Zimra. Developing chants and sharing them with others has enhanced my own spiritual practice and teachings.

Among the most meaningful commitments I have made along my personal journey is my participation in the holy Chevra Kadisha, the group that prepares bodies for a Jewish burial. 

Blessed are You, who is made holy through choosing Life.



V’Hotzeiti, V’Hitzalti, V’Ga’alti, V’Lakachti

I will bring you out, I will deliver you, I will redeem you, take you as My own. (Exodus 6:6-7)