I hold a Masters’ degree in Special Education, and have been teaching adults and children of all ages for the past 37 years. I currently teach classes on a variety of topics related to Judaism. Ranging from three-session offerings to year-long courses, these courses/workshops can be offered in both Jewish and multi-faith settings.

I am available to teach the following courses:

Living in Gratitude: What Judaism is All About

Guard My Tongue, It’s Out of Control!

Balancing Our Inner Landscape: A Spiritual Path Toward Personal Transformation

Counting the Omer through a Mussar Lens

Ethics in Judaism

Pirkei Avot/Pirkei Imahot (Sayings of the Fathers/Wisdom from the Mothers)

Feminist and Contemporary Interpretations of the Weekly Torah Portion

Toward Holiness: Incorporating Blessings as a Daily Practice

As a facilitator, I create rituals marking special occasions such as Rosh Hodesh/New Month gatherings, spiritual preparations for weddings and other lifecycle events. I also am available and honored to accompany individuals wanting to use the mikvah during any times of celebration, transition or illness.